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The mission of the Commemorative Air Force's (CAF) Red Tail Squadron is to preserve and share the history and legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, America's first black military pilots. The Airmen served with distinction during WWII (and beyond). They overcame racism on the ground to fight fascism in the air, fighting for a country that turned a blind eye to policies and a large population that discriminated against these men and their families because of the color of their skin. The CAF Red Tail Squadron restored and flies a red-tailed P-51C Mustang such as the Airmen flew during WWII. The airplane appears at air shows in North America and at each stop her crew tells the story of the Airmen and how through persistence and courage they overcame huge obstacles in order to serve in the military. In 2011, the CAF Red Tail Squadron developed a traveling exhibit called "RISE ABOVE" to educate people - especially young people - about the Airmen and how they demonstrated the importance of setting goals and overcoming obstacles in order to succeed.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sing It Out, Sing It Strong

     Today, we present a short quiz about our military branches' traditional songs.  Match the  branch (A-E) to the first line of the first verse of each song in the list below (1-7).   There may be more than one song per branch and there is one tricky part.  (Answers follow the quiz - there are no prizes at stake!)

A. Marine Corps
B. Air Force
C. Navy
D. Coast Guard
E. Army 

1. Off we go into the wild blue yonder
2. Eternal Father,  Strong to save
3. From Aztec shore to Arctic zone
4. Over hill, over dale
5. From the halls of Montezuma
6. First to fight, for the right
7. Anchors aweigh, my boys
8. Contact! Joy stick back!

Easy bonus question - which song is also printed in some Christian hymnals and may be sung as a hymn selection during regular services?

Bonus question answer: 2

Matching answers:
1: B
2: C
3: D
4: E
5: A
6: E
7: C
8: Keep reading

     As mentioned in yesterday's tweet, the CAF Red Tail Project's P-51C Mustang is in Colorado Springs today and tomorrow in order to participate in a cadet parade event.  It will do some flyovers today during the parade. Tomorrow afternoon, pilot and Project leader Brad Lang, who is the son of a Tuskegee Airman, will be in front of the cadets talking about the history and legacy of all the Airmen.
     One of the aspects of the Airmen that Brad may discuss is how everything started with the activation of the 99th Pursuit Squadron.  I just found out yesterday that the 99th had a fight song of its own and that prompted curiosity about the US military's songs.  The 99th's song was direct - it was wartime after all - and stirring:

Contact! Joy stick back!
Sailing through the blue
Gallant men of the ninety-ninth
Brown men tried and true

We are the heroes of the night
To hell with the Axis might
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
The Fighting Ninety-ninth

Rat-tat! Rat-tat-tat
Down in flames they go
The withering fire of the Ninety-ninth
Sends them down below

We are the heroes of the night
To hell with the Axis might
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
The Fighting Ninety-ninth

Drink up, drain your cup
To those daring men
Flying torch of flame, Oh God
Red White Blue, Amen

For, we are the heroes of the night
To hell with the Axis might
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
The Fighting Ninety-ninth 

Wish I knew the melody!

      For more information about the traditional military hymns and marching songs of the U.S military branches, these links are a good start:

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    follow this link to listen to the melody of this song as sang by a DOTA.