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The mission of the Commemorative Air Force's (CAF) Red Tail Squadron is to preserve and share the history and legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, America's first black military pilots. The Airmen served with distinction during WWII (and beyond). They overcame racism on the ground to fight fascism in the air, fighting for a country that turned a blind eye to policies and a large population that discriminated against these men and their families because of the color of their skin. The CAF Red Tail Squadron restored and flies a red-tailed P-51C Mustang such as the Airmen flew during WWII. The airplane appears at air shows in North America and at each stop her crew tells the story of the Airmen and how through persistence and courage they overcame huge obstacles in order to serve in the military. In 2011, the CAF Red Tail Squadron developed a traveling exhibit called "RISE ABOVE" to educate people - especially young people - about the Airmen and how they demonstrated the importance of setting goals and overcoming obstacles in order to succeed.

Friday, June 24, 2011

This 'n That

This week's blog is a grab bag of thoughts and announcements.  We'll get back on track next Friday with a feature about a very special Stearman biplane.

     1. The name change -  As you can imagine, the name change from Red Tail Project to Red Tail Squadron has meant a lot of updates and adaptations wherever the name appears online and on paper.  Here are three announcements about our online social media presence:

  • We have closed out the old Facebook page.  Search for the CAF Red Tail Squadron and be sure to "friend" us on the new page!  That page is updated regularly with great stuff like photos and videos, and the "conversation" is always interesting.
  • The URL for the blog will change on July 1.  Unfortunately, our fans will have to find us and rebookmark the site but, on the bright side, the old posts will remain.

  • The existing Twitter account will be closed and reopened under the CAF Red Tail Squadron name on July 1 as well. 
      2. RISE ABOVE, The Movie - Editing work continues on the new "RISE ABOVE" movie which will be shown in the CAF Red Tail Squadron RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit that is set to debut at AirVenture in Oshkosh (WI) which will be held July 25-31.  For a fun 1:20 minute preview that shows a scene where Tuskegee Airman Charles E. McGee and three children watch the Mustang fire up, click here.  It's interesting to watch Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Adam White in action!
     3. Col. McGee - Speaking of Col. McGee, in just three weeks he'll be enshrined in the National Aviation Hall of Fame.  He will be introduced by former astronaut and fellow aviator Frank Borman.
      4. Miss Mitchell - The CAF Red Tail Squadron's Mustang Tuskegee Airmen  is hangared at the CAF's Minnesota Wing's hangar at Fleming Field in South St. Paul.  One of its "hangar-mates" is the Wing's B-25 bomber, Miss Mitchell.  This beautifully restored airplane was all set for a summer of air show appearances when one of her fairly new engines failed to the point where a new one must be purchased.  Donations are being accepted toward that goal. For more about the engine and to donate, click here.   For a photo essay about Miss Mitchell by aviation photographer Max Haynes, click here

The CAF Red Tail Squadron is a volunteer-driven 501c3 non-profit organization that operates under the auspices of the Commemorative Air Force. For more information, please visit

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