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The mission of the Commemorative Air Force's (CAF) Red Tail Squadron is to preserve and share the history and legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, America's first black military pilots. The Airmen served with distinction during WWII (and beyond). They overcame racism on the ground to fight fascism in the air, fighting for a country that turned a blind eye to policies and a large population that discriminated against these men and their families because of the color of their skin. The CAF Red Tail Squadron restored and flies a red-tailed P-51C Mustang such as the Airmen flew during WWII. The airplane appears at air shows in North America and at each stop her crew tells the story of the Airmen and how through persistence and courage they overcame huge obstacles in order to serve in the military. In 2011, the CAF Red Tail Squadron developed a traveling exhibit called "RISE ABOVE" to educate people - especially young people - about the Airmen and how they demonstrated the importance of setting goals and overcoming obstacles in order to succeed.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Four Dot Blog

Your attention please - the last webinar featuring Harold Brown and Charles McGee will be on Sunday, February 12th at 3 p.m. Eastern time.  The original blog upload said it was on Saturday - this was in error.

     The CAF Red Tail Squadron’s “air show” season is already underway although there are no air shows on the schedule yet. One thing about having two educational attractions is that when the one that takes to the air is grounded, the one with wheels can be ready to go.  The Mustang is still safe and warm in its WWII-era Quonset-style hangar at Fleming Field in South St. Paul, but the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit is already on the road.  After a brief stop in Atlanta early this week, its next stop is the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Salisbury, NC on February 15-18.   
     Salisbury has a population of just over 33,600 people – it’s not a major metropolis by any stretch of the imagination.  The story of how a group of people came together to raise the money to sponsor the Traveling Exhibit in their town for four days is a study in determination.  Here is a link to a story about how and why they did it.  If you would like to bring the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit to your town, this could be a blueprint for you as you build a team to make it happen.
     One thing – the story notes that the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit will be in Apple Valley, MN the following weekend.  See the next entry for more about that.

* * * *
      Tuskegee Airman Major Joe Gomer will be at the Galaxie Library in Apple Valley, MN on Saturday, February 25 from 11 a.m. until noon to talk about his experiences as a Tuskegee Airman.  Regrettably, the RISE ABOVE Traveling Exhibit will NOT be there as referenced in the article from the story above.  The Squadron’s online calendar was not clear that Joe was going to be the main “attraction” that day and an assumption was made about the Traveling Exhibit also being there.  It will make a stop in Minnesota this year, but that will be when standing in line to get in does not include getting frostbitten toes and a runny noses!

 * * * *
     The last of the four FREE webinars featuring Tuskegee Airmen Charles McGee and Harold Brown will be held Sunday afternoon from 3-3:45 p.m. Eastern time. The previous three events have been highly entertaining (and hugely educational) and there’s no reason to think that that will not be the case tomorrow.  This series of webinars is the first of its kind so you can be part of history as you learn about history (how cool is that?!?).  Click here to register and be sure to tune in.

* * * *
     Finally,  next Tuesday is Valentine's Day. You probably already have plans to thrill the special loved ones in your life with cards and/or gifts.  How about adding this to your agenda?  Call a local nursing home and get the name of someone who does not get visitors.  Buy a cute generic Valentine's Day card and a stamp.  Address the card to that lonely person, sign your name, and mail the card by tomorrow.  Imagine - just imagine - how that $2.00 card and that "forever" stamp will make that person's eyes light up!
The CAF Red Tail Squadron is a volunteer-driven 501c3 non-profit organization that operates under the auspices of the Commemorative Air Force. For more information, please visit

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